Our Story

One night we were out to dinner at a Northern Thai restaurant in New York. After ordering nearly half the menu, our server suggested that we try a new drink that had recently been added to their cocktail list. The drink was light, refreshing, slightly bitter and had an incredible kick from what we guessed were fresh Thai chilis. After a few rounds — who’s counting — we asked our server for the cocktail recipe, thinking how great it would be to recreate and share the experience with friends and family back home.

Ten minutes later, our server walked out of the kitchen with an ingredients list written on a notecard, and step-by-step instructions to prepare the cocktail. This experience was our first inspiration for GoWhisk, a platform designed to help  everyone discover highly sought after recipes from their favorite chefs and restaurants around the world.

Since then we've become culinary nomads — traveling, cooking, eating, shopping, photographing and living amongst hundreds of incredible chefs. Our new chef partners have shared hundreds of recipes, which are always thoroughly tested by a network of professional cooks. And like us, our chefs want to help everyone to cook and eat better food. 

We’re here to provide an answer to the all too common plea, “I wish I could make that at home.” Let us know if there are any recipes we can help track down for you!

Happy cooking!
Team GoWhisk

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